Keeping Pets Safe This Christmas!

Here are some useful points for keeping your pets safe during this christmas:


“Trees and plants

  • Real Christmas trees are mildly toxic to some animals and the oils can be an irritant so artificial trees could be the best choice. Be aware these can still harm your pets if they like to chew, though.  Consider buying a smaller tree and raising it off the floor.
  • We all think about trees and decorations being spikey for children but they can be a hazard for pets too. Needles may get stuck in claws and throats and decorations may be very tempting to chew and then shatter, causing more hazards.
  • Cords and lights may cause a chewing and tangling hazard for pets.
  • Always make sure you shut your pets away from trees (artificial and real) and decorations whilst you are out of the house.
  • Mistletoe and Holly are both poisonous and should be kept out of the way of all pets (and children!)


  • Lots of ‘human’ food is very bad for pets so never be tempted to share your Christmas dinner with them. Treat your pets by giving them pet specific treats and maybe a new toy.
  • Never feed your pets poultry carcasses as the bones may split once swallowed.
  • Keep your pets away from things we would consider treats – chocolate and grapes (and also raisins and sultanas) can be poisonous as can onions and garlic. They will be more than happy with their own treats.



  • Pets do not make good Christmas presents so please don’t be tempted. It is a disruptive time of the year with noise and people and if you have issues it can be difficult to get a vet’s help. If your child is very keen for a pet then get them a book on caring for it for Christmas and then think about getting one once all the decorations are put away for the year.
  • It can be fun to give your pet presents and a stocking for Christmas,but do make sure you buy them from a pet shop/vets and that your toy or treat is designed specifically for your pet.


Noise and disruption

  • Think about visitors – cats and dogs can get very upset with lots of people coming in and out of the house.  Make sure they have a quiet area where they can get peace and quiet and be surrounded by familiar things. Make sure they have access to water.
  • Fireworks at New Year can be very upsetting for cats and dogs. Make sure you walk dogs early in the day and shut cats in for the night. You can purchase special suits for your dog to wear and playing music can help sooth your pets.” quoted from


Previous Winter Walks.
Previous Winter Walks.

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