Dog Fouling

As a regularly dog walker I know that you have to pick up dog poo! It should be disposed of in your household bin or any designated dog bin in your area!

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“Dog fouling is an unpleasant and frustrating issue for many of Stockport’s residents.

Some dog faeces contains a parasite which, if ingested, can lead to the onset of the disease Toxocariasis in humans.  Children are more susceptible to this disease which, in the worst case scenarios, can lead to blindness. 

On average, the dog warden service receives 600-700 complaints about dog fouling every year.

We know that most dog owners are responsible and pick up after their pets.  However, it is those few irresponsible owners who create this problem in the borough and who the service attempt to identify, educate and if necessary take action against. 

It is a criminal offence for the person in charge of a dog to allow it foul on designated land within Stockport and fail to remove and dispose of the faeces appropriately. This law applies even if a dog is out alone.

Authorised officers of the Council, including local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), may patrol the borough at any time. If anyone is witnessed committing a dog fouling offence, they could be liable to an on the spot fine of £50 or a fine of up to £1000 on summary conviction.

Don’t be an irresponsible dog owner. Clean up after your pet.”


Beautiful dogs at Aussie Dog Care.
Beautiful dogs at Aussie Dog Care.



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