Romiley Young Farmer’s 2013 and Aussie Dog Care

Aussie Dog Care is based in Romiley! So of course we went to the Romiley Young Farmers show as we do every year!

This year was just as good with amazing weather! There was plently of things to do for the family like a dog show and stunt riders. The ‘doggy’ stalls included Oscars Pet Food- for more information , Elite Grooming – who are fantastic at what they do with Shaggy Chic dogs –

Clough Farm Animal Sanctuary based in Marple also attended. About Clough Farm –

n May 2009 we started an animal sanctuary here in Marple, looking after 5 ponies, 2 pigs and 2 sheep that had come to us via the RSPCA from Offerton Community Farm which had closed down.

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“As you can imagine all these animals have a sad tale to tell and we are committed to giving them the best care and security we can for however long we can.One of our ponies Crunchie was ridden whilst lame and now has to have daily painkillers and walks with a permanent limp.  Another of our ponies Lilly had half her ears cut off by a gang and was rescued from slaughter.  Needless to say she is very nervous and needs special care to regain her trust in people.  The youngest pony we have a Shetland pony called Bubbles was bullied by local children when he was in his field in Offerton and his owner asked us to take care of him as she had caught a 32 year old man trying to ride him when he was only 6 months old.” Quoted from

Below is some photographs at the show

Walking down to Romiley Show.
Walking down to Romiley Show.
Romiley Young Farmer's Show
Romiley Young Farmer’s Show
Romiley Young Farmer's Show.
Romiley Young Farmer’s Show.

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