Save the Wolf Centre in North Devon

The Wolf Centre is an amazing place in North Devon where Shaun Ellis a wolf behaviorist lives.  I am very interested in wolves more than most animals and it would be amazing if anyone reading this can try to help save the Wolf Centre in North Devon!

Below quoted from

“The Wolf Centre is being forced to move!

As most of you are already aware The Wolf Centre is reluctantly having to relocate from North Devon.

Combe Martin has been the home of our wolves for 13 years during which time they have become tremendous ambassadors for the education and research for wolves world-wide.



Wolves face  uncertain future…

We are desperately looking for an appropriate place to relocate The Wolf Centre to. As you can imagine, this is no easy task!!! 

Just moving the centre itself is a huge undertaking, but our main concern is the animals.

Some of our wolves are reaching the later stages of their lives which makes it incredibly dangerous to sedate them for transportation. Our only alternative is to move them consciously which involves encouraging them to enter transportation cages where we can move them as safely as possible. This method is not without risk but this is the wolves best chance of survival!!



We need your help!

We have already identified possible locations that would be suitable for The Wolf Centre, unfortunately all so far come at a high price. Although we do have investments from the existing business, we are under a strict time limit to raise the further funds needed and therefore this puts us in an impossible position.

We would like to thank everybody for their generosity and support so far and hate to ask for you to extend this further however we are desperately in need of support so if you are in a position to be able to help raise funds or donate, no matter how small, it will certainly make a huge difference to the animals.

If you would like to donate to relocate the wolves please send to07803541490 using the Barclay’s pingit app

Or…… us


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