Lovely walks at Aussie Dog Care

At Aussie Dog Care we pride ourselves in knowing the ‘local patch’ and all surrounding walks so you can rest assured your dog will be taken on brilliant walks tailored for your needs as well as the dogs breed.

Aussie Dog Care covers Stockport , Romiley ( walks around Chadkirk and Guywood) , Marple Bridge, Marple , Hazel Grove, Mellor , Disley, Glossop , Gee Cross and many more!

We hold a first aid certificate in Canine First Aid , fully insured and CRB Checked AND are fully liscenced by the council. I am also a highly experienced and professional  dog walker.

We are a professional , friendly and a family run buisness. We are a tailored  Pet Care Service.

At Aussie Dog Care we enjoy regular walks at Brabyns Park in Marple , Lyme Park in Disley  , Etherow Country Park in Compstall, Werneth Low Country Park , Canal around Romiley and around Chadkirk many more fantastic walks for Home Boarding and Dog walking clients.

Aussie Dog Care regularly updates on Facebook and Twitter as well as letting you know by text your dog has settled in or behaving well on walks!

Luna and Poppy.
Luna and Poppy.
Beautiful walks at Aussie Dog Care.
Beautiful walks at Aussie Dog Care.

Aussie Dog Care

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Tailoring to your needs.

Alfie’s Law Foundation

I found out about Alfie’s Law Foundation via twitter and think all the team are doing a fantastic job . I love all animals and care very passionately about every animal I come across! I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and because of my business I come across a lot of dogs and understand every dog has its own individual and unique character . Pets bring so much love , joy and happiness to any family or person no matter what age or gender. Sadly there are some horrible individuals in the world who neglect the TLC with dogs and any pet bring back to us. This is why Alfie’s Law need your help !

By signing this petition –

Alfie’s Twitter: we can bring justice to those who cannot speak out themselves.

Here are the main points Alfie’s law would like to tackle with the HM Government Ministry of Justice:

  • We would like to achieve a zero tolerance on animal abuse as there is absolutely no excuse for it.
  • We would also like to see custodial sentencing increased & be consistent throughout the UK with an automatic lifetime ban for persistent or serious offenders.
  •  We would also like to see educational programmes and a national database for offenders of animal cruelty to help prevent re offending.

Above taken from

Animals cannot speak out so we are owners and animal lovers must do so for them. Please sign this petition it doesn’t give up much of your time.

If you want anymore information on this fantastic charity please check out their website -

Many Thanks


Alfie's Wristbands for £2.00
Alfie’s Wristbands for £2.00