Dog Walking at Marple Dale

We really enjoyed great walks at Aussie Dog Care so we have decided to share with everyone this fantastic walk into Maple Dale alongside the River Goyt , passing Marple Hall.

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“1) After parking at Rose Hill car park we cross Stockport Road at the pelican crossing and make our way down Dale Road.

2) After about 10 minutes walk the road narrows and begins to descend, passing Marple Dale Care Centre on the left. The wide track continues down into the valley and to our right the ground drops away steeply through the trees to the River Goyt.

3) At the bottom of the hill Manchester Canoe Club have a site and the river is marked off with several slalom courses. On the other side of the river high up on the hillside runs the Peak Forest Canal.

4) At Lower Dale we leave the track and take a footpath to the right of the wall.

5) Below the weir the ancient ford may be seen. Before the building of Otterspool Bridge this was the route that transport of the day used on its way to Romiley. The site of the proposed Sustrans Connect2 bridge which will provide a link between Marple and Stockport for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders is near the weir.The path follows alongside the river. It can be very muddy after rain and care is needed in places as erosion has brought the river very close to the path. On our left looking across the fields the clump of trees is Turncliff Wood. Beyond, the ground rises very steeply and it was here for over 300 years that Marple Hall held a commanding view over the river valley.The farm dates back to 1719 but in the 1900s the Y.M.C.A. ran a farm colony here where groups of boys were trained in farming techniques at a time of high unemployment. Many of them eventually went to Canada.

6) Joining a path at the top of the hill we can bear right if we wish to take advantage of the nearby refreshment facilities at Marple Garden Centre or the Hare and Hounds public house on Dooley Lane.As we enter the woods we cross a fence which has been broken down. Steps now lead the way up the hillside.

7) Dooley Lane was one of the main entrances to Marple Hall many years ago before the present road up Dan Bank was built.

Returning up the hill we make our way past the playing fields of Marple Hall School. Whilst passing the playing fields and getting close to the site of Marple Hall look to the left down into the valley and you may be able to see the site of the old ornamental pond. This has recently refilled with water, either by accident or design. There were once steps running down to this pond from Marple Hall and there was a small building called the Hermitage on the island that can now be seen again.

8) A head stone and an area of stones marks the site of the 17th century mansion Marple Hall. This is where the most famous or infamous John Bradshawe lived in 1620. In 1649 John Bradshawe was the President of the High Court of Justice appointed to try King Charles I and his is the first signature on the subsequent death warrant.

The interior in the 1920s looked like this, with fine pictures and suits of armour lining the walls.Unfortunately we are unable to enjoy the splendour of this magnificent building because in the 1950s, when it was left unoccupied due to the death of the caretaker, vandals reduced the building to a ruin within a period of less then a year. During this time Marple Council had been offered the hall for £7,000, but it was not within their means to restore and maintain it. The Hall was finally demolished in the late 1950s.

9) From where we are now this is how it looked in the 1930s before any of the present houses were built.We continue past the site and onto Marple Hall Drive and make our way towards Stockport Road.” 

Dog Walks at Aussie Dog Care!
Dog Walks at Aussie Dog Care!
Dog Walks at Marple Dale.
Dog Walks at Marple Dale.

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