Aussie Dog Care Pet Sitting and Dog Sitting!

At Aussie Dog Care we can cater to any pet! Recently we have been Dog Sitting Sara , Murphy and Jaspar the three Yorkshire Terriers in Romiley! We also cancater to cats and have looked after a many beautiful cats! Peeko the rabbit is also a regular client!

Murphy , Jaspar and Sara.
Murphy , Jaspar and Sara.
Cat Sitting at Aussie Dog Care.
Cat Sitting at Aussie Dog Care.


Peeko the Rabbit!
Peeko the Rabbit!


For more information on these services read the information below:

Cat Sitting:

If your away at a wedding , on a family holiday or just are busy , at Aussie Dog Care we offer Cat Sitting a different alternative to a cattery.

Aussie Dog Care can look after your cat whilst you are away by providing fresh water regularly , feeding your cat and giving lots of care and attention . If your cat is a long-haired breed we can regularly brush him/her as well. We strive to carry out the same regime you carry out when at home yourself.

Small Animal Sitting:

Got a rabbit but no one to look after it whilst you’re away? Well Aussie Dog Care are here to help! We can do small animal sitting for Hamsters, Rabbits, Parrots, Fish, Guinea pigs.

Aussie Dog Care takes a detailed form of the regime you carry out whilst you are at home as to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible. With Small Animal Pet sitting we clean cages however many times needed , feed the animal and give them that personalised extra bit of TLC.

Dog Sitting:

Dog Sitting is another alternative to Doggy Day Care or Home Boarding whilst you are away. I know that dogs need a lot of attention , exercise and mental stimulation all which I give whilst dog sitting. I can stay for a prefered time again tailored to you and the dogs needs.

When Dog Sitting I play with the dogs , feed them , top up any water bowls and can give them a walk. Making sure when you come home from any travels your dog is content and pleased with the fantastic care I offer.

Aussie Dog Care also offers Puppy Visits in which we give that extra stimulation for your puppy and clean up any messes left behind ! As well as socializing your puppy and carrying on any training when you are out. As I have gained a lot of experience with dogs and puppy’s I know exactly what your pup needs! I tailor to your needs at can stay for any specific length of time and how many times I visit is up to you , I do advise at least 2 times for puppy’s.

At Aussie Dog Care we love doing Puppy Visits! It means we can socialize and help train a dog but also we get to meet such amazing developing characters!

One of our puppy clients!
One of our puppy clients!

Aussie Dog Care. The Best Care For Your Furry Friends.

Aussie Dog Care are based in Romiley and prefer to keep walks local and tailored to what you and your dog needs.

I live with Werneth Low right on my doorstep! So am so spoilt for choice be it a long walk around Werneth Low Country Park or a short 30 minute one around Etherow Country Park. The Peak District is also a lovely place to explore and take doggies for a wonderful walk in open moorland and never-ending forests. This weekend I enjoyed a fantastic walk called ‘The Three Shires’ amazing route! Views to die for and all dogs loved it! You have to drive to get there but the views are worth it along with a tiring walk leaving all dogs content and happy!

At Aussie Dog Care I promote myself in being a friendly , reliable and professional dog walker. I will always try to walk your dog in an area that they know and is suitable for the dog so I try to keep away from busy roads, livestock making sure your dog is as safe as can be!

We aim to give the right amount exercise desired by the breed making sure your dog is happy and tired when you come back home . At Aussie Dog Care we also tailor all walks to what you as an owner desire for you dogs we can keep dogs on leads if desired as I do not group walk. I understand all dogs are different and treat them that way.

On an ordinary Aussie Dog Care walk we will collect your dog from your home at a time you have given and walk for the specific time you have asked for perhaps longer. If your dog is wet or muddy I will dry all dogs as no muddy paw prints are left on the floor! 

Aussie Dog Care as a business promotes itself in being a small family run business that walks local around Romiley and surrounding areas. Dogs are never walked in a pack as I totally disagree with this method of walking.

Contracts and Pet Forms must be filled out before walking any dogs.

Three Shires.
Three Shires.
Fantastic walks.
Fantastic walks.

Aussie Dog Care

The Best Care For Your Furry Friends.

Tailoring to your needs.

Aussie Dog Care works in/covers Romiley , Stockport , Woodley,Bredbury , Hyde , Gee Cross , Hazel Grove , Godley , Wilmslow , Disley , Marple , Marple Bridge , Glossop , Poynton , Higher Poynton . If you are not situated in one of these areas do not hesitate to contact me as other areas are considered.

Alfie’s Law Foundation

I found out about Alfie’s Law Foundation via twitter and think all the team are doing a fantastic job . I love all animals and care very passionately about every animal I come across! I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and because of my business I come across a lot of dogs and understand every dog has its own individual and unique character . Pets bring so much love , joy and happiness to any family or person no matter what age or gender. Sadly there are some horrible individuals in the world who neglect the TLC with dogs and any pet bring back to us. This is why Alfie’s Law need your help !

By signing this petition –

Alfie’s Twitter: we can bring justice to those who cannot speak out themselves.

Here are the main points Alfie’s law would like to tackle with the HM Government Ministry of Justice:

  • We would like to achieve a zero tolerance on animal abuse as there is absolutely no excuse for it.
  • We would also like to see custodial sentencing increased & be consistent throughout the UK with an automatic lifetime ban for persistent or serious offenders.
  •  We would also like to see educational programmes and a national database for offenders of animal cruelty to help prevent re offending.

Above taken from

Animals cannot speak out so we are owners and animal lovers must do so for them. Please sign this petition it doesn’t give up much of your time.

If you want anymore information on this fantastic charity please check out their website -

Many Thanks


Alfie's Wristbands for £2.00
Alfie’s Wristbands for £2.00

Behind The Name!

Aussie Dog Care was named after my first dog as a family. He was a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who we sadly lost but thankfully his name lives on along with some of his pups! Luna who we kept , Rosie who is a regular visitor and Betty who lives in Harrogate! All of his and Fudge’s puppies were Kennel Club Registered with a brilliant past generation certificate.

I could have chosen a multitude of names for my company however we are a family business and I want to promote the love , care and attention given to Aussie into Aussie Dog Care!

He loved running about after birds and being apart of our family now like other dogs are that come to stay! So now his name lives on so to speak.

Aussie was named “Aussie” do to relatives living in Australia naming their dog Guinness and my family wanted to remember those abroad. So no we are not Australian!

At Aussie Dog Care we give ‘The Best Care For Your Furry Friends’ as well as exclusive luxury home boarding with a difference ! We also offer Dog Walking , Pet Sitting and more!

Fudge and Aussie.
Fudge and Aussie.

Aussie Dog Care Walkies!

Today at Aussie Dog Care we had a fantastic walk around Werneth Low! Sadly little Toffee (yorkie x westie) rolled in cow poo, so she had a lovely bath and settled in her bed.

The dogs all had alots of fun on their adventures on the low.

Fun on Werneth Low
Fun on Werneth Low
Toffee , Amber and Fudge with beautiful views.
Toffee , Amber and Fudge with beautiful views.

This week we have enjoyed walks around , Marple , Brabyns Park , Etherow Park , Romiley and a few more! With both home boarding clients and walking clients.

I have recently started doing ( the Aussie Dog Care family have) a facebook page so any clients can see their pets! The link is:

Rainy clouds...Missed me!

Rainy clouds…Missed me!
Luna looking out onto Manchester.
Luna looking out onto Manchester.


Aussie Dog Care offers the best care for your furry friends with luxury accommodation for home boarding , beautiful walks and pet sitting and more.

Fully licensed , CRB checked and insured along with a First Aid Certificate in Canine First Aid , rest assured your pet is in safe hands.